Star on ice, for now

Dateline: Thu 14 Aug 2008

An announcement about possible layoffs at the Indianapolis Star will not be made until Friday.

On a cheerier note, the paper was filled with good reading today --

Dan McFeely's hilarious first person account of cutting logs with an old-fashioned saw at the State Fair. (..."the trees were laughing")

Bob Kravitz' Olympics coverage on the sham of athletes who refuse to compete with Israelis. David Woods equally good Olympics coverage of the silver lining for Sam Peszek in gymnastics.

Vic Ryckaert's minute-by-minute account of three workers rescued after their scaffolding collapsed in Downtown Indy, 9 stories off the ground.

Photos of that event from Tom Spalding, Neal Taflinger, Mike Fender, Danese Kenon and Matt Kryger.


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