Clearing the air: Schellinger not backing Daniels

Dateline: Thu 14 Aug 2008

CSO Architects IS throwing a fundraiser for Gov. Mitch Daniels, as reported on this blog recently.

But the president of CEO, Jim Schellinger, won't be there, a source says. Schellinger is NOT supporting the Republican's bid for re-election.

No kidding. That would be a tad ungracious, considering that Schellinger is not only a solid Democrat but also the Democrat who ran for governor in the primary, with the backing of his party. He was defeated in a tight race by Jill Long Thompson.

So here's how it goes: Schellinger's two partners, both Republicans, will throw their weight behind Daniels, hence the party. Incidentally, they did back Schellinger in the primary.

As for Schellinger, he sent a letter to Thompson this week with a financial contribution -- the remainder of his campaign funds, plus some contributors' checks. A copy of that letter also went to all the county party chairs and to top Schellinger donors.

Solidarity, for now. (And as an aside, it is not unusual for big firms, especially those competing for government contracts, to give money to both candidates at varying times during a race. This is, after all, also how business is done: cya).


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