Cuts at Emmis Publishing -- 4.5 percent workforce, 2 percent salary

Dateline: Wed 13 Aug 2008

Here is a statement from Emmis, the Indianapolis based-company that includes both a national radio and publishing empire:

"Earlier this week Emmis Publishing instituted a series of steps to better position its magazines for success. Those steps included a 4.5 percent workforce reduction, as well as a salary reduction for current employees, generally equaling two percent. Notified employees received generous severance packages and other support.

"The publishing industry has seen a steady stream of staff reductions and expense cutting in recent months. We believe that the expense reductions we are implementing for the coming year are considerably more thoughtful and measured than what we've seen from many of our peers. Emmis Publishing employs some of the most talented people in our industry and is continually honored for excellence. We are very confident in the future of the city and regional magazine business."

This is from Kate Snedeker, Emmis spokesperson.

I understand staffs at Emmis magazines in Atlanta and Texas affected by layoffs. In this round of cuts, only Emmis Publishing is affected; radio and corporate were impacted in the last 12 months.

Indianapolis Monthly is experiencing no layoffs, although some positions will not be filled.

Tough times. Best of luck to those who are facing cutbacks and/or layoffs....


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