Liking 'the cut of his gib'

Dateline: Tue 12 Aug 2008

New Star publisher Michael G. Kane wrote a vigorous column in Sunday's paper (where exec editor Dennis Ryerson's piece normally runs).

Kane introduced himself (son, husband, father to four, brother to five, uncle to 25, great-uncle to seven, god-father to three), and didn't talk down ("I don't pretend to know what makes Indiana what it is and Hoosiers who they are. I promise to learn quickly.")

Then he made the sort of commitment to journalism that makes our hearts race, even in older age.

"I have worked in the media business for 26 years and I wouldn't trade it for any other career in the world period. I believe I bring a commitment and passion to great journalism and how our various news media tell stories, inform readers and users, hold our governments accountable, defend the First Amendment, and, most important, highlight and connect local people and local perspectives. I love doing this through a larger lens called the human condition, which ideally brings understanding and compassion."

Kane expresses a strong belief in public service as a crown jewel in journalism.

The guy is good, very good. There's no hand-wringing and second-guessing; no false cheeriness related to new "products," no gilding the lily. Just a solid message that, one hopes, will serve to revitalize the newsroom and staff and keep integrity and credibility alive and well.

Of course, he's only the publisher, and it's still a Gannett paper.

But Kane's reputation preceded him -- fair, decent, when he was at the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle in New York -- and, based on what the man has said so far, he's solid.

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