Score one for Daniels

Dateline: Mon 11 Aug 2008

Citizens of Rush County are very sentimental about the covered bridge in Moscow that was swept away by a tornado in June.

Hence they are tickled that Gov. Mitch Daniels came calling last week to announce that the bridge will be rebuilt (using private money).

What did not make as big a splash is the identity of the architectural firm handling the project. It just happens to be CSO Architects, which is owned in part by Jim Schellinger. Last time we heard much about Schellinger is when he was running for governor on the Dem ticket in the primary. Although he had his party's official backing, he was beaten by Jill Long Thompson, also a Dem.

To add insult to injury, Schellinger's firm will also be holding a fund-raiser for Daniels, whose campaign is already flush.

Thanks to the tipster who sent this our way.


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