Bed bugs back

Dateline: Wed 06 Aug 2008

Probably the best story in Tuesday's Star was Laura Misjak's front page story on bed bugs: "$60,000 has been spent, and they've still got bed bugs."

I'd link to it here, but the Star's website search function can't seem to find it. Nor can it locate the tantalizing video "Bloodthirsty bed bugs invade apartment," posted June 24 but now replaced with a video about a guy tending bar. Hmmm.

Most people are shocked that bed bugs are on the scene again -- apparently some think they're nothing but a fable, part of a quaint goodnight saying, sleep tight etc. But if you pay attention to national news, you'd know that Manhattan was infested a year or so ago and NPR et al did a lot of stories on the blood-sucking bugs. Plus the bugs have been a major pain in the ass in Hawaii.

Misjak reported that the bugs have been coming on strong since DDT was banned in 1972; that gave them a "leg up."

But I've heard of bed bugs ever since childhood. That's thanks to having parents who lived in the south, where bed bugs ruled, especially in cheap hotels. My mother oft told the story of checking into "some flea-bit dump" in Chattanooga or St. Louis or wherever. The first thing my father would do, she said, was go to the bed and craftily but quickly pull back the sheets, ta-dum.

If you get lucky, you can see 'em running. Other tell-tale signs, according to web sites, are spots of blood and bed bug carcasses. Best advice: check out.

Does this mean Indy really is a world-class city now?


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