Easter arrives

Dateline: Tue 05 Aug 2008

Journalism is "literature in a hurry," Matthew Arnold observed, as quoted in "A Treasury of Great Reporting" by Louis L. Snyder.

Snyder's point is that the emphasis for writers of a certain ilk is on pace. "The reporter must have the ability to produce a rapid-fire story under conditions hardly ideal for creative writing."

In that sense, have no fear. Whatever happens to and with newspapers, there will always be reporters and writers who want to get their message across, quickly and with verve.

So we welcome today blogger Jon Easter, a very civil young Democrat (Decatur Township chair) and high school teacher whose comments have enlightened other blogs for some time now.

His blog, new to the sphere, is


Please check out his thoughts today on the Bayh/Obama speculation, which includes a good explanation of the dynamics that could produce a Sen. Bart Peterson or Sen. Becky Skillman. The comment by varangianguard also provokes thought.

And if newspapers are dead or dying, long live intelligent writing.


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