Hillary -- rootin' tootin' shootin' 60s woman

Dateline: Mon 14 Apr 2008

Thanks to Scott Ott at the satirical blog Scrappleface, which posted the following on Hil yesterday:

"Seizing Moment, Hillary Totes Bible to Gun Range

"(2008-04-13), Sensing an opportunity to portray Sen. Barack Obama as elitist and out of touch after his remarks about "bitter" rural Americans who cling to guns, God and xenophobia, Sen. Hillary Clinton stopped after church today at an indoor gun range, where she fired roughly 300 rounds through a handgun she said she carries concealed everywhere she goes.

"Her lower lip bulging from a dip of Skoal, Sen. Clinton put her Bible in her handbag, and drew out her own Para Ordnance Warthog .45 caliber pistol."

Here's the link:


As for people being bitter in the stinklands: Of course we're bitter. Plants have shut down, Wal-Mart screws you over and with the price of gas, planting crops is barely profitable. This site has posted the anti-gay signs on churches. We're home to the "King James version only" Victory Baptist congregation out here, and anybody who does not accept that version of the Bible better get out of Dodge.

Rural Pennsylvania is no different. And the notion that the Clintons, with their millions and her dropping her "g's," are somehow like the rest of us -- just because she takes a swig of Jack Daniels -- is absurd.

Barack Obama has it right, and everybody with half a brain knows it. Was it politic to say so? No. But it was damn good sociology and psychology.

His biggest problem in this instance is what afflicted Adlai Stevenson, when he was running for prez. A woman told her, "Sir, I want you to know, all the thinking people in America are behind you." His response: "Thank you, Madam, but I need a majority."


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