More shenanigans for newspaper circ figures

Dateline: Thu 10 Apr 2008


The Audit Bureau of Circulations, which tracks how newspapers count circulation, is a serious enabler. The addict is your friendly daily newspaper, which is drugged out big-time.

Reader Jim Burns has sent an article from Editor and Publisher about the "sweeping altercations" to be unveiled in May on behalf of publishers -- i.e., newspapers will be able to include as "verified circulation" all those papers that go to hotels, employees, and Newspapers in Education. Any p.o.s. (piece of s---) that costs one penny or more will be "paid circulation."

Nobody is fooled. This is just another way for the greedy guts to inflate their figures in a sad effort to attract advertisers. It's a sham. The only way to run a newspaper -- and more on this later -- is to cover the news. That means the story starts in the newsroom, with reporters.

To read the story in E and P:


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