Two sides to every story

Dateline: Wed 09 Apr 2008

Journalism is a craft, not a profession -- no body of laws to memorize, no license and frankly, no written coda for how to do the thing. (Which is one reason the Internet has been so successful for so-called citizen journalists).

This also hints at how stories are always evolving; this is a fluid and messy process. Which brings us, again, to the story Sen. Hillary Clinton was telling on her campaign trail, about our busted health care system and a young pregnant woman turned away from a hospital for lack of insurance who eventually died, as did her baby.

The New York Times wrote a piece saying that, according to the hospital, what Hillary said was wrong; they cited the hospital where the woman was treated in Ohio. The woman was under the care of a group of physicians and she had insurance, hosptial spokesmen said.

Now comes The Washington Post, who quotes a relative of the young woman's. This relative says in fact there was another hospital that DID refuse treatment to the young pregnant woman. Sen. Clinton had it right, said the relative.

Check out the link below. Thanks to Wilson for finding this. And to all the reporters who do their jobs when they keep digging. (But do not expect this to make it on to Rush Limbaugh's radio program!)


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