Dutch: goin' to the Speedway

Dateline: Fri 04 Apr 2008

Former Star sports reporter/editor Russ Leonard has been in touch with the widow of Dutch Eggert regarding Dutch's final journey. Dutch, a longtime newsman and slot man at the Star, died March 30 at age 89.

Russ spoke with Betty Eggert this morning, and here is the plan:

Dutch's body will be cremated, with his ashes going three ways -- to Wrigley Field in Chicago, to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and to the American Legion Post 500 in Speedway.

"Dutch read the Star every morning at the Legion Post. They call the area 'Dutch's patio,'" said Leonard. Dutch, as most know, was also fond of the Chicago Cubs and the "500."

Leonard, by the way, is the author of iPRISON, a just published book about his experiences as an inmate for six years in the Indiana penal system; he served time for molesting a child. He says he was wrongly convicted. The book also includes illustrations from John Bigelow, a former Star artist who is incarcerated for killing his wife.

Strange world.

Bon voyage to Dutch.


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