Former Star reporter Mike Quinn on the mend

Dateline: Thu 03 Apr 2008

Reader Tom Butters has sent this news about former Star reporter Mike Quinn:

"Mike Quinn Sr. had triple bypass surgery yesterday. This was in response to tests and not because of a precipitant event.

"Mike was a Star reporter in the 1960s, then was executive director of

Indiana Cities and Towns for many years until his retirement in 2003. He

continues work on many boards and organizations including Friends of TC Steele.

"Mike has always been the go-to guy for those wanting to know how municipal governments work."

Quinn's surgery was at Community North Heart Hospital, adds Butters. Quinn and his wife Judy live in Indianapolis.

As for Butters, he's a recently retired PR man who has taken up painting. The Art Bank on Mass Ave is currently displaying his work.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Quinn.


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