More Star departures: No. 202 and 203

Dateline: Wed 02 Apr 2008

Editor Paula Freund is leaving the Star. She's done a variety of jobs, including running bureaus.

Also, here is the official announcement regarding Star graphic designer Mary Garrison (who once told me she did not plan to retire from newspapers; nobody her age did)

Best of luck to both these young talents!

"Scott Goldman/INI

04/02/2008 11:49 AM





Mary Garrison

Mary Garrison has decided to leave her hometown and take her talents to

the bright lights of New York City.

Mary has accepted the position of Art Director for AWE, a weekly entertainment magazine published by the Staten Island Advance. She'll be in charge of visuals for a very INtake-like publication.

Mary started here in the summer of 2002 after graduating from Ball State.

She was one of the founding members of INtake, and has steadily worked her

way up the food chain since December 2003. She's been Art Director of

INTake, and now the magazine, for the past 18 months. We'll miss

her creative energy and her ability to just get the job done, no matter


Her last day is April 18. There will, of course, be cake.

Please join me in wishing Mary nothing but success in the future.



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