Judge not, but do vote for Judge's BBQ

Dateline: Wed 26 Sep 2007

Among the many pleasures of life in Indy was dining or getting take-out from Judge's Barbeque, the chow-hound home of the IUPUI men's basketball team, a hangout for Westside cops and an all-around great place to fill 'er up.

Now, owner/entrepreneur Judge C. Smith tells me his BBQ has been nominated for WRTV/Channel 6's A* list as one of Indiana's "best" local businesses.

Let's second etc. that nomination and give Judges a huss. Here's how: "Go to our Website, http:www.judgesbbq.com," says Judge, "and click on the

A*list logo. This will take you directly to the VOTE button."

Indy is known for good barbeque, but Judges is the finest -- my dear friend Nick Crews, as an arts/entertainment reporter at the Star, was assigned to do the review a few years back, and turned many Star readers on to what was then Judge's "new" location on West Michigan Street. In case you have not made the scene, the pork is tender; the green beans are left to simmer overnight and flavored with just enough garlic; the coleslaw, mac and cheese and other sides all savory. So how authentic is Judges? This man drives to the Oink and Moo on Chicago's Southside to get some of the goods, that's how.

Plus Judges is healthy for the neighborhood, whether it's his location across the bridge from the university at 2104 W. Michigan or his City Market digs.

This blog posts no advertising. So an endorsement of Judges is not for love or money, just pure respect of product.

Go now, and vote for something you know you can support: Judges bbq.

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