I can has cheezburger?

Dateline: Mon 24 Sep 2007

If you don't like cats, skip this. But if you do, and you have a bent sense of humor, it's worth your time to check out a hugely successful blog whose sole purpose is to run funny, reader-sent pictures of cats, with captions in kattalk. (yes, as if the Kat is speaking...)

It all started with a strange image of a big fat grey cat with buggy eyes -- supposedly the creation of a Russian catfood company -- and the words, as the cat's mouth is earnestly open: "I can has cheezburger?"

After that, there's no stopping it; scads of pictures and hundreds, thousands, of comments re: lolcats. God bless cats and the Internet and this melding of minds and meows.

Here's the link -- and thanks to Andrew Holladay for sending it last week. As he said, "This is weird, but it's good weird":



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