The other side of the Bigelow case

Dateline: Mon 17 Sep 2007

A former Guild rep at the Star has filled in some of the blanks about John Bigelow's work situation before he killed his wife Marianne; according to this source, John was getting help: from his wife, the union and the company.

Here's the inside story: "His wife was taking care of him. She'd gotten him to a doctor and arranged for him to get long-term disability from the Star. He would have been able to use up his sick-day bank and glide into retirement."

Marianne was a social worker; she had an instinctive warmth and a concern for people. According to the former Guild officer, Marianne had called and told the Guild rep that John was sleeping 20 hours a day because of a bad work performance evaluation. In the past, she said, his work as an illustrator/artist/graphic designer had always been satisfactory.

With Marianne's help and working thru the Guild, Bigelow and the company had worked out a plan where he could take long-term disability and use his sick-day bank -- as many as a year and six months worth of days in that bank.

Marianne reported back to the Guild that she was happy with the arrangement.

Then she was killed.


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