Moving on at the Star

Dateline: Sun 16 Sep 2007

Christopher Rickett, a talented Page One designer and editor at the Indianapolis Star since 1998, is bailing. He's headed East, to the Baltimore Sun, where a other Gannett refugees have found shelter and a future: John Fritze and big boss Tim Franklkn.

Chris is one of those indispensible right-hand guys who is cool and collected under fire. Whichever paper nabs him is lucky

Other news shaking out of 307 Penn: there are postings for an arts wrtier and two bureau reporters. As for the bureaus, they're going thru some growing pains again. More to come.

Meanwhile, Gannett stock remains a dog. Has it tanked yet? Wonder when the investors will get the idea, that the top G-leadership does not know how to run newspapers and therefore will always lose money.


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