Amos Brown is in hot water, again

Dateline: Mon 10 Sep 2007

The Radio One talk show host's antics during the Colts celebration Downtown has created a bit of a stir. He played the race card, accusing the NFL of not fairly representing black folk during its pregame festivities. The talent included Faith Hill, Kelly Clarkson, and John Mellencamp. Brown demanded that there be more diversity.

But R&B singer Keyisha Cole -- there to sing the National Anthem -- called him out: "Do you not see me on the panel?" Cole questioned Brown. "I represent exactly what you're saying."

Now Indiana Minority Report is calling Brown a black Don Imus. Here's their take:

"Indianapolis' Radio One talk show host disrespects black R and B Singer Keyisha Cole" reads the headline.

"Radio One's Amos Brown attempted to highjack a moment of a lifetime for the rising superstar with petty, 'us poor black folks didn't benefit from the NFL', rhetoric.

"Rhetoric Amos uses very often and is designed primarily to get advertising and sponsorship contracts for his employers.

"Someone needs to remind Amos that 'us poor black' folks didn't benefit economically from Indiana Black Expo either, nor Circle City Classic. How about sharing with us 'poor black folks' the contracts that

these organizations have with 'other' black businesses in the State of Indiana.

"Let's talk about that Amos Brown.

"Actually, we get poorer everytime our tax dollars are used to sponsor/support these events, pay for the overtime hours for the additional security downtown and the additional cost/manhours to prosecute and defend actions involving police officers who have to work in such chaois once a year.

"Before we start going after other organizations, we need to look at our own."

Here is the link to the Minority Report:

And a question: Has Brown overstayed his welcome? He represents a part of the black community that thinks it is elite establishment and in control and obsessed with race. But as Minority Media Report, Abdul, Ike, etc., and others demonstrate, his is no longer the only voice in town. One wonders if some of his accusations and antics aren't simply designed to make him the center of news, rather than report or comment.

At any rate, is race-baiting ever helpful?


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