The writing is on the wall

Dateline: Fri 07 Sep 2007

Signs are showing up at 307 N. Penn hinting that Gannett will follow Clarian's lead -- and start charging the Star's fat people and those with high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol higher insurance rates.

"Know Your Numbers" say the creepy signs posted along the employee entrance and in the place once known as a newsroom. The signs say that details will be coming from Gannett Wellness.

This sounds like a perfect Gannett strategy: anything to save money and make workers' lives more miserable and less secure.

But so far, Clarian has gotten away with it -- even tho plenty of us wonder at the bias shown by that strategy, which is to hit up only employees in its Downtown medical complex, where there are many more minority race employees.

As for Gannett, I always its Gannett's Wellness plans intrusive and not helpful, designed to "big brother" workers rather than provide an on-site gym or a less stressful environment.

The sad part is, if Gannett does initiate this plan, most workers will probably have to roll over and take it. The concept of "freedom of the press" is lost, in any practical sense.

The only upside: getting to read Dennis Ryerson's celebration/justification of Gannett's policies in an upcoming Sunday column.


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