Peyton Manning: it's a good thing

Dateline: Wed 05 Sep 2007

The Colts quarterback has made such significant donations of time and money to St. Vincent Children's Hospital that the facility has been named after him, according to the Inside Indiana Business, Channel 6, AP and a hospital press release.

Manning has been visiting sick kids there for nearly 10 years; he established the "True Heroes" program, which provides events and parties for young patients. The press conference today announcing the name change was significant enough in the MVP's life that his wife Ashley, his father Archie and his mother Olivia were all there.

Manning is the real deal; for all the stones lobbed at the Colts by naysayers who don't want the financial burden of Lucas Stadium, etc., it's important to know that he (and others in the Colts family) love this community and give back to it.

I can't resist this. Manning also donated money recently to Fred Thompson's GOP presidential campaign, $2,300. Their tie is Tennessee, Thompson's home state. Manning graduated from University of Tennessee, as did Mrs. Manning, who is a native of Memphis and a generous volunteer.

As Mellencamp says, "ain't that America?"


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