More thoughts on a web-based paper in light of the Star's inadequecies

Dateline: Wed 05 Sep 2007

I asked reader Dave Bash to amplify on his concerns about daily journalism in Indy and the merits of a web-based paper, such as the Bisbane Times in Bisbane, Australia.

As Dave noted, he is not a journalist, simply a news consumer, information junkie and 59-year-old ex-paperboy. What he said deserves a wider audience (and you won't read it in Dennis Ryerson's column):

"The Star is simply vacating the journalistic field of honor, leaving a vacuum. There must be scores of stories going unreported due to lack of

investigation or covering up for business and government. A small efficient net based paper would require capital, staff, assumption of risk, etc. The blogs and talk backs show that even when you subtract hyperbole, paranoia, hatred and dumbness there's still a lot of folks with constructive and insightful things to say. The current formula of the Star failing to report something, the national media or local blogs reporting it and then the Star finally reporting it is unacceptable. A web based news instrument would speed up the news cycle, cost less, be more efficient, much more informative and not beholden to

business and government. You tell me -- what's the downside?"

I still don't have an answer.


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