"Ich bin ein Berliner" sez Star; hicks in sticks nix fix

Dateline: Wed 05 Sep 2007

Could it be true? Could the Indianapolis Star become the incredible shrinking newspaper, a mere shadow of itself -- this once haughty pig of a daily that, according to a 1980s marketing study, was "a grey-haired man who drove a Cadillac and drank gin Martinis"?

'Tis. The word is leaking that the Star will follow the lead of the Gannett-owned Lafaytte Journal and Courier and reduce its format to Berliner format.

For those not versed in all things Berliner, here's the link:


For those preferring the short version -- which is all you're going to get from the Star anymore -- the Berliner "is a newspaper format with pages normally measuring about 470 mm, 315 mm. The berliner format is slightly taller and marginally wider than the tabloid/compact format; and is both narrower and shorter than the broadsheet form."

According to Wikipedia, the Lafayette rag was the first in the U.S. to go to the Berliner wall, last July. Now the Star is up on deck.

I guess if exec editor Dennis Ryerson, publisher Babs Henry and the rest of the G-men brass can't get fat Hoosiers cut down to size, they can at least shrink the newspaper, honey.

Too funny.


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