When I'm 64....

Dateline: Tue 04 Sep 2007

A friend is planning a "when I'm 64" birthday party. Those readers who are hip and/or aged enough to remember the 60s, lay it on me. What music speaks to you, what food, art, culture, drug of choice, etc? What's the defining moment, if you have one? Or was it all just a blur in psychedelic? Did you inhale?

Sgt. Pepper is already on the lineup. Class of 1960 "yearbook" is being assembled.

I know, it's so retro. But at least it's genuine. And we have to do something besides bitch about impending surgeries, out-of-state trip snafus, George Bush and our husbands.

More to come later. This blog has been on a Labor Day break. Just like the 1960s, I will return.


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