Tip of the hatlo to TDW; another one bites the dust

Dateline: Tue 04 Sep 2007

Jen Wagner at Taking Down Words posts about another reporter leaving the Star -- a young woman who came from Boston to Indy and now will leave the daily grind for pr at IU Med Center.

Here's Jennifer:

"Best wishes to Indy Star Statehouse reporter Karen Eschbacher, who's leaving the paper -- and journalism -- for a job at the IU School of Medicine. Here's the newsroom note:

Blair Claflin

09/04/2007 04:05 PM

To: StarNewsroom


Subject: Big shoes to fill -- but not big feet

Karen Eschbacher has had a tremendous impact on our paper in a relatively short period of time. I regret to say she's decided to leave The Star for a job with the IU Medical School. Her coverage of the Super Bowl, Indianapolis' bid for a Super Bowl, Lucas Oil Stadium, the expansion of Indianapolis International Airport, the legislature and property taxes were all top-shelf and she will be sorely missed. Her last day is Sept. 14. We'll share cake then. In the meantime, please wish her well.

We will be posting information soon about our efforts to fill her rather large shoes. Look for details in the next couple of days. By the way, I meant that figuratively. For the record, Karen's feet are not abnormally large.


As award-winning former Star reporter Michele McNeil said to me when she left the Indy paper to take a non-daily journalism job on the East Coast, "I'm not sure there's much future in journalism."

Both women covered the Statehouse extremely well, but leave it to Gannett to kill a reporter's drive and commitment.


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