Why there is a brain drain in Indy

Dateline: Wed 31 Oct 2007

My friend Pete Miesel is taking a hard look at Indy politics from his new home in Boulder. He's pretty ticked off -- and amazed -- that the Star has endorsed incumbents Ron Gibson to fill a city-county council at-large seat and Bart Peterson for mayor, considering all that has gone down in the Democrat administration for eight years.

Here's what Miesel fired off to exec editor Dennis Ryerson today -- a message that bears repeating, I think:

"I used to be proud of being a native of Indianapolis, and when

circumstances brought me to the Rocky Mountains, I would still hold a

fond image of my hometown. However, observing the culture of corruption

that has enveloped City Hall, and the unwillingness of the local media

to hold any member of the Peterson administration accountable for

anything, I have reluctantly come to a conclusion. As long as Bart

Peterson and Monroe Gray continue to have unquestioned power over the

people of Indianapolis, I will never live in Marion County ever again

under any circumstances. So, way to go Mayor Bart, I'm sure I'm not the

only college graduate who has added to the 'brain drain' of Central

Indiana because of you and your supporters. Well done."

Even more significant is the lack of confidence expressed by Ted Fleischaker, editor of The Word, which is the largest gay/lesbian/transgender newspaper in the state. Thanks to Gary Welsh at Advance Indiana for writing about this Tuesday...


under the headline: Shocker: Gay newspaper backs Ballard

Here's the story from Welsh, with quotes from The Word:

"Fleischaker ...lambastes Peterson for failing to see 'Rome burning' the past 8 years. 'The current administration has failed downtown and other local residents when it comes to keeping up basic infrastructure, looking out for residents' needs, tackling guns and violent crime and making sure we can pay for those services at an affordable price." Peterson allowed "massive amounts of taxpayer cash to pay for an over-priced book palace and a stadium which will mostly serve one privately-owned football team' he adds.

"In the end, economics is driving Fleischaker's decision in this year's mayoral race. 'Do we feel the party of Greg Ballard will do us any better as gay and lesbian citizens?" he asks. "The record has shown probably not. But we at The Word feel the need to get our towns finances back in order, our streets safer (for all residents--gay and straight) and our city back on track far, far outweigh any feel-good laws which are (let's face it) basically cosmetic.' On that latter note, I would add that the city has not documented a single case of discrimination since the passage of the HRO. Put it simply, his office never enforced the human rights ordinance on the books prior to the passage of the gay rights ordinance and nothing has changed since its passage.

"Fleischaker should be applauded for setting aside political correctness and peer pressure to jump in lockstep with so much of the gay community which blindly backs Democratic candidates year in and year out. It is worth noting that Fleischaker was the first person to publicly call for Rep. Julia Carson (D) to retire during last year's congressional election. He backed Kris Kiser, the first openly gay candidate in Indiana history, over Carson in the Democratic primary. Fleischaker was excoriated by many in the GLBT community for the move, but he admittedly proved himself prophetic. At least Kiser would have been able to show up and vote."

Well said.


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