Helen Connor, rest in peace

Dateline: Sun 28 Oct 2007

The Star has an obituary today for Helen Connor, who for many years worked on the desk at the Star. She died Oct. 25 at the age of 90 years.

Helen retired from the newspaper in 1984, according to the obit. Her friend and award-winning journalist Carolyn Pickering recalls that she was "a gentle woman who appreciated good journalism and proper English."

She also had the distinction of being the first woman to be a part of the Star's editorial staff, according to the obit.

Helen was there when I started in 1978, working part-time on the copy desk at nights. I recall her as unfailingly kind with a twinkle in her beautiful blue eyes. She had a nickname for all the young reporters she coached over the years, and for all of her friends: "chums."

She edited copy with a careful, firm and -- as Pickering said -- gentle hand. She was quite a lady.


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