Why I live in Putnam County

Dateline: Sat 27 Oct 2007

Page 1 lead headline (4 columns) in today's Greencastle Banner Graphic newspaper:

"Health code violation

Popular Mexican-style eatery ordered to clean up after deer carcass found in kitchen"

Here's the link:


Almost as priceless was the response from my husband: "And the problem with that is?"

The good news: They were never planning to serve the meat to customers. The deer had been hit on the road; supposedly an employee of the Department of Natural Resources delivered the carcass to the restaurant, where a friend of his worked. Depending on whose story you believe, the deer was being butchered on the floor of the eatery; the owner denies that, but he wasn't there.

BTW, this restaurant is upscale by Putnam County standards: nice decor, in a strip mall, a hit with both DePauw students and townies, great margaritas. Little did they know, as customers ate there Friday night, that THE DEER had recently been outed. (By an electrician who was there to do some work).

I LOVE Putnam County!

Thanks to the Banner Graphic for giving this good play and to reporter Michael Zennie for breaking the news AND for taking a photo. I only wish there were blood streaks on the tile floor of the kitchen....

Note to DePauw students uncertain how to dress for Halloween: it's dead deer time. Definitely.


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