Indy -- the new Detroit?

Dateline: Fri 26 Oct 2007

Reader Philip M. Edwards sent a link a few weeks ago to a series run in the Detroit News regarding the decline of that once-fine city.

Edwards, who describes himself as a retired businessman and former assistant to the Indiana Democratic state chairman (1978 to 1981), is concerned, as we all are, about the future of Indianapolis.

"Please read this series about Detroit, it's the story of Indianapolis and Marion County. Allow people off your blog to access it so they can read it too and ask them, especially the old timers like you, myself and Wilson (Allen) if this is our city's future?" wrote Edwards.

This discussion was generated by criticism here of Matt Tully's Star story a few weeks ago on the Meadows; I maintained Tully's was a shallow approach. Or as one critic said, the angle was "Look at the poor, poor Negroes." Edwards responded to my comments under the heading, "The story Matt Tully Chose NOT To Write," and then linked to the Detroit series.

Here is more from Edwards: "Detroit had the guts to air all their dirty laundry and the Detroit News had the responsibility to bring it to the people. This the type series that Tully could and should have written but didn't. I have read this series by the Detroit News over and over and over again and each time I read it I learn more about Indianapolis and how we got to where we are today. It's not a pretty story, it's not a story the Indianapolis Star will ever write. Many people, black and white, are still alive in Indy today that know what happened because they all had a hand in it."

No question, Indy is at a crossroads. What a perfect time for citizens to study the story of Detroit's problems, reflect on our own history and our current status, and make some changes. Maybe it's not too late.


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