Time for the GOP to pony up

Dateline: Thu 25 Oct 2007

This just in from the Indy Star:

"The Indianapolis Star-WTHR (Channel 13) poll shows (Mayor Bart) Peterson with a narrow lead over (GOP challenger Greg) Ballard, 41 percent to 39 percent. Libertarian Fred Peterson received 5 percent of the vote in the poll and 15 percent of the poll respondents said they were either not sure or did not support any of the candidates.

"...(Bill) Blomquist, (a political science professor at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis,) said the Ballard campaign needs to find a way to get money immediately and get commercials on television. 'We've been wondering where all the Republican donors are, and maybe now this will give them a reason to step forward,' he said."

Blomquist also said such polls tend to be skewered towards white and upper-income voters, and implied that nobody should underestimate the Dems' get-out-the-vote strength in Marion County.

Other fascinating tidbits from the Star story:

"Male and white voters are more likely to support Ballard.

"Women, who say they are more likely to vote then men on Nov. 6, give Peterson a 10-point edge, while men give Ballard an eight-point lead. Peterson holds a huge lead among black voters (73 percent to 10 percent), while whites lean toward Ballard (47 percent to 35 percent)."

OK, the GOP might as well throw in the bloody towel in Marion if it can't raise some cash for Ballard fast, given this account. Where are the commercials showing Gov. Mitch Daniels backing Ballard? Why did Bill Oesterle give Scott Kellar 10 grand and not Ballard?

Ballard may win in an upset, but for now, I'll put my money on the machine. The Dems -- especially given this heat -- will pull out all stops to win the mayoral race. If that happens, forget the R's in Marion County for a looong time to come....

This doesn't mean I favor Peterson. He's been a huge disappointment for Indy. I'd love to see Ballard get a crack at cleaning up the mess. But I can't vote in Marion County, no matter how much of a white male I may be....


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