Bill Maher, you light up my life

Dateline: Tue 23 Oct 2007

Did anybody else catch Bill Maher's show live last Friday? I'm trying to broaden my archaic political views, so I sometimes tune in. What seemed like a normal offering --- a discussion on evolution between U.S. Rep Sheila Johnson of Texas, LA Times columnist Joel Stein and Chris Matthews of MSNBC -- turned whacko when audience members became shouting something unintelligible, and Maher responded with real mental, and almost physical, muscle. Showing all the world that libs do have balls.

When security was apparently slow to respond to the considerable disturbance, Maher himself ran up the aisle, cursing, appropriately, in my view: "Do I have to come down there and kick his ass?" (After calling for some "f-----" security).

Although the cameras showed the noisemakers being ejected, the minute Maher sat down, it started up again. Obviously, this was a widespread protest.

"OK, OK, I get it," said Maher, who finally could make out the catcalls. These are the nut jobs, he explained, who believe that 9/11 was the work not of Al Qaida but George W. Bush. They've been lobbying for time on the air.

Maher, who loathes Bush, was adamant about not buying it. As the last of the bums was escorted out, he noted, "If this is a microcosm of America, I'm voting for Rudy Gullianni."

It is not, of course, and Maher won't --- but it is troubling. A young friend -- Earlham College educated, U.S. Army trained -- also believes this bullshit. For some reason, the nuttiness seems to appeal to angry young minds. Not unlike what happens in Islam. But these true believers are secularists, so maybe the issue has more to do with hormones than faith.

Here's my tiny point: if Bush was smart enough to pull off an internal attack on the WTC and the Pentagon, why couldn't he have planted weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, after the fact? You can't have your theory, and not be ready to eat it, too....


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