Gary Varvel's "pointed" cartoon and off to NYC

Dateline: Thu 11 Oct 2007

Fascinating reading at Advance Indiana regarding the tempest in the teapot over the Gary Varvel cartoon in this morning's Star. Varvel came out with both barrels this morning, drawing Monroe Gray, city-county council prez, as firing away at a fellow (white) who represents ethics charges. Lots of interesting questions raised on the weapon used, how much freedom Varvel has, etc.

I hate to say it, but Indy politics increasingly remind me of Cloverdale out here in Putnam County: small-minded, petty, partisan, narcissistic. But not particularly racist. Corruption knows no skin color, either in the big city or the boonies.

Wish I could say more. I am off to New York City for the wedding of Manuela Pizzi of Indy and Roberto Adsuar of Puerto Rico. That's going to be a happy ending to a divisive week. But then marriage transcends politics....doesn't it?


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