No. 190 busts out

Dateline: Wed 10 Oct 2007

A reader has sent the following announcement from Jackie Thomas, features editor at the Star:


"I'm sorry to report that Brett Halbleib has resigned as managing editor of The Star's community magazines.

"He has done an outstanding job in that role and in earlier ones as copy editor, wire editor, news editor, Sunday editor and bureau chief.

"Brett's last day will be Wednesday, October 31. A few days later he will join 5MetaCom, an advertising and marketing firm in Carmel.

"Please join me in wishing Brett well. We'll miss him.


How you gonna keep 'em down at Gannett, once they've seen Carmel?

Brett's exit, I am told, makes him No. 190 to leave since Gannett took over. This is no way to run a newspaper.....


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