Zorba Rose: movin' on

Dateline: Mon 08 Oct 2007

Saint Zorba Rose, aka Newspaper Glue because he held so much together for so long, is making his exodus from the Star. Bob Jonason, online director, sent the word out today:

"Paraprofessional Zorba Rose has resigned, effective immediately.

"Zorba began his career at The Star in 1994. He has been a vital part of The Star's calendar desk, but he may be best remembered for stories he

wrote for the A&E staff, including a Go! cover story about go-carting two

years ago.

"We wish Zorba well."

Zorba also was chief of the copy messengers -- they could not have had a better boss -- the Let It Out! compiler, prolific writer of obituaries and an all-around good guy, for a German musician from Rocky Ripple. Oh, yes: He also bought me a bottle of Crown Royale one year on the day before Thanksgiving, walking down to John's Spirits to pick it up, as I was struggling to make deadline. No, it was not for consumption on the spot. It was a gift for Lynn Ford, who joined us that year for Turkey Day and enjoyed a nip or two before and after the meal, as did we all, even the teens. Thank you, Zorba.


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