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Dateline: Mon 08 Oct 2007

Pete Miesel, a former Indiana Network employee from 1997 to 2005, and in general a media watcher, provides some backdrop for the wild ride of radio and Emmis' annoucement today:

"As much as Abdul would deny it, I could almost bet money Emmis is going to try and poach him away from 1430 when his contract is up.

"My guess is that WIBC is going to try and maximize their sports/talk

revenue with this switch. They constantly had to preempt their talk

programming for sports events like the IRL, Pacers, and now Colts. Plus,

the AM transmitter signal had to be powered down at night for the FCC

and there were heavy signal drop offs all over the Westside at night.

This could all blow up in their face, if the Fairness Doctrine came

back, effectively neutering most opinion programming on the radio.

"I can't help but think this isn't the last move Emmis is making with

their news/talk division. They've had enormously volatile staff turnover

in their news staff, maybe they're going to try and bring in a heavy

hitting news director (they've never been the same since Leigh DeNoon

left). Not to mention the devastating hit their sports staff took when I

left in 2005...

"It amazes me beyond belief that the two or three main radio ownership

groups in the Indy market haven't started up a Latino station with a

full power signal. THAT'S where the money is going to be in radio."

Peter now does marketing in Boulder.

The Abdul angle has made the rounds before; this time, let it be true! I'm cheering for some decent radio/talk out here in Putnam. Please. We're dying on the vine. (Yes, we can get NPR from Lafayette on an AM station and from Bloomington FM. But in general, radio out here sucks!)


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