Good Lord!

Dateline: Thu 04 Oct 2007

Indianapolis Business Journal is reporting:

"A Marion County Superior Court judge has ordered a company owned by City-County Council President Monroe Gray to pay $43,514 in unpaid bills. The judgment resulted from a suit filed against Mid Regional Concrete Inc. by Charlotte, N.C.-based Sunbelt Rentals, formerly NationsRent Inc.

"Gray could not be reached for comment.

"The decision is the latest in a long string of business troubles for Gray, a Democrat.

"Yesterday, the Republican who is vying for Gray's council seat, Kurt Webber, charged that Gray is in a conflict of interest by holding the seat and working for the Indianapolis Fire Department. Webber's challenge followed an Indianapolis Star story showing that few records exist to document Gray's work within the fire department."

How many hats does this man wear? Anyone one to place a bet that he'll take over Black Expo next, now that the CEO post is open? He should be able to squeeze that in, since he does nothing as a member of the fire department and less for the council.


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