What the real cops are saying

Dateline: Mon 19 Nov 2007

IndyUndercover under investigation by the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department?

Abdul Hakim-Shabazz fears a police raid on his apartment because he's investigating a story about a prominent, wealthy Dem who is a sexual abuser of children?

IMPD has issued a search warrant to raid Abdul's apartment and confiscate his computer, looking for the connex between the gabby radio talk host/pundit and the blog that is all about cops, allegedly?

Here is what the real police say about IndyUndercover and all this bullshit:

Sgt. Eric Eads, in charge of the unit that investigates cyber/Internet crime: "There is no investigation out of our office. I imagine it (the rumor about the search warrant being issued) is not true. I've written hundreds of search warrants, so I know a little about them. There is nothing illegal about having a blog...

"I don't see where a judge would sign off on it. I don't see probable cause there."

Lt. Jeff Duhamell, public information officer for the department: "I don't even read that blog. There are a lot of lies in it. A lot of the things written on it are just not true. I can't imagine anyone issuing a search warrant for a blog.

"If he (Abdul) is investigating (sex abuse) why not turn that over to the police, let us look into it? Come forward and tell us what he knows. I have not heard of any such investigation.

As for IndyUndercover being targeted: "Officers are not supposed to be on that blog with department equipment."

Regarding misinformation on IndyUndercover: "It had a story that a prominent Colts player was in an accident. Now what kind of crap is that? ...Most of what is on that blog is officers venting, if they even are officers, to the point where it has become very damaging to their careers. You don't say anything about an officer's family, and that is what has happened on that blog. Anybody can get on and stir it again. It can be very vicious. ..

"Police officers have got jobs to do. Instead of defaming an officer's family and children, which has happened on that blog, be a man and come talk to me man to man instead of talking to IndyUndercover."

Good acvice. IndyUndercover, man up.


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