A whiny juvenile blog...or a publicity stunt gone bad?

Dateline: Mon 19 Nov 2007

The patron saint for journalists should be Thomas. He had to feel the wounds to believe the man standing before him really was Jesus. Cynical? Oh, I hope not. Skeptical? Always. As we used to say in the '60s, "Prove it."

Not to go all religious or militant on everyone, but it gladdens my heart to know that other bloggers, as well as readers, are also asking questions about IndyUndercover, the so-called cop blog run by the anonymous "Joe Friday," and the link between it and radio talk show host/attorney Abdul Hakim-Shabazz.

And smelling, maybe, a rather large rat.

Jacob Perry at Circle City Pundit addressed the issue today, quoting Joh Padgett at Monticello, Gary Welsh at Advance Indiana and this blog. You can read all about it here:


Perry takes the high road. He sees no evidence, he says, that Abdul is a shameless self-promoter (although Abdul himself obviously started this flap by posting on Indiana Barrister that he is the target of a search warrant allegedly designed to unmask IndyUndercover. Abdul also asserted that the real reason the top cops are after him is because he's investigating alleged child sex abuse by a prominent wealthy Dem. -- See my earlier post for the reax of a couple real police officers' to this line of thinking).

Anyhow, this considerable drama was used by IndyUndercover to justify keeping IndyUndercover going. As in, when the cops' guy in the media is in trouble, even with the new Marine mayor in place, the thin blue line is gonna protect the news media guy's back. Yeah, right.

Perry does express a measure of doubt. "I gotta tell you, something here isn't adding up to me."

He also makes is clear that, in his view, IndyUndercover is guilty of shameless self-promotion.

Writes Perry: "It is certainly time for IndyU to grow up. There are plenty of sites that do an excellent job of exposing the corruption in local politics (for the best, check out Polis Politics).

"A whiny, juvenile trash blog that does nothing more than dish unsubstantiated dirt (while playing dirty at times themselves) is not one that deserves our respect, but our scorn."

I'm not going to beat the same old drums again; I do plan to continue to sniff out the link between IndyUndercover and Abdul, who, after all, has now acknowledged in Barrister that he got IndyUndercover going. I also remain mighty curious about that alleged sex investigation Abdul is writing up, supposedly regarding a prominent wealthy local Dem.

But this week is Thanksgiving, and I'll stick to kitchen prep for a bit. However, take it to the bank: we're going to throw a nice little coming-out party for IndyUndercover one of these days. Cigars all around?


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