RiShawn: an American Spectator

Dateline: Fri 16 Nov 2007

Taking Down Words has the latest on RiShawn Biddle -- he's the author of an article in the American Spectator about education reform.


The bio tagline at the end of the story says it all:

"RiShawn Biddle, an award-winning Indianapolis-based writer and the proprietor of dropoutnation.net, has written for Forbes, Reason and the Weekly Standard."

After being fired by the Star for using the z-- c--- word in a blog, Biddle has shown that the writing life goes on. The Spectator, as you may know, is the conservative magazine founded in Bloomington, Ind., by R. Emmett Tyrrell. Biddle is much better suited writing for such publications than he ever was for the Star. As one friend noted, he's more of a think-tank type of guy than a Gannett drone.


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