That deer....

Dateline: Thu 15 Nov 2007

I never do restaurant reviews, but seriously: If you are looking for a place to eat, give a shout-out to LaCharreada in Greencastle.

That's the Mexican restaurant that made national news when employees were found butchering a deer carcass in the kitchen recently. Ain't that America? Anyhow, the restaurant's violation was duly reported in the Greencastle Banner-Grapnic by reporter Michael Zennie. The deer was never intended for restaurant patrons; it was road kill that some of the staff planned to take home.

Anyhow, the latest: the manager of La Charreada has offered an apology to Greencastle residents and promises his restaurant is clean. Business is off by 65-70 percent, Zennie reported Tuesday.

Zennie also notes that in the past, LaCharreada had other health code violations: cockroaches, cooked chicken being prepped on the same counter with raw chicken, that sort of thing.

However, our take on it out here is that this is definitely the best time ever in history to eat at LaCharreada. First, you can be pretty certain everything will be clean --- well, you hope so. Second, you're going to get good service.

As for the food, try the carnitas chile verde. And where are David Letterman's writers when we need them?


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