Food fight?

Dateline: Sat 10 Nov 2007

Remee Wilmeth's well-read food blog feedmedrinkme has a tiny issue with Susan Guyett, the Star reporter who writes the popular Talk of the Town column for the newspaper. Wilmeth noted Friday on her blog that Guyett has borrowed, not a cup of sugar, but a bit of information first published by Wilmeth --- see Wilmeth's link:

Writes Wilmeth:

"Hmmm, Thanks. I Think: Hey, I don't mind if you use my stuff, just send some traffic my way (and click on some ads, will ya'?) I'm flattered that columnists like Indy Star's Susan Guyette consider me a must read but a little atribution would be nice. (Check out her "Restaurant Buzz" at the end. I'll leave it to regular readers to decide how familiar it seems. Thanks to a reader for the pointer.) The one new piece of news regarding what's replacing Mo's Loading Dock gives me the fear. Apparently, according to Guyette, "you'll recognize the name of the famous food outlet as soon as the deal is signed, sealed and delivered." "Famous food outlet" is not necessarily good news."

Guyett wrote in her Nov. 8 column about two restaurants under the heading "The restaurant buzz":

Said Guyett: "Missing Mo's Loading Dock Pub, 1045 N. Senate Ave., at the Stutz Building? The place closed a few weeks ago, but there is another tenant waiting to move in, according to Stutz sources. Details should be available next week, but you'll recognize the name of the famous food outlet as soon as the deal is signed, sealed and delivered. Stay tuned. . . . Meridian Restaurant and Bar, 5694 N. Meridian St., already is taking reservations, but you'll need to wait until Nov. 26 to eat. Check it out at"

But, feedmedrinkme first posted the news about Meridan Restaurant and Bar (formerly Dodd's Townhouse) on Tuesday Nov. 6. On Monday, feedmedrinkme posted that Mo's Loading Dock was closing.

Did Guyett get her information from the goddess of local food blogs, as is suggested? Feedmedrinkme readers believe so.

Guyett's column is great and fun; she's probably one of the paper's better read columnists. But in the past, two Star staffers were canned for lifting info off the Internet and posting it to online or in print, without attribution. As I said, Gannett loves to fire.

I, for one, say the Star cannot afford to terminate any more people, including Guyett, even if the info she printed was borrowed and used without attribution, altho there is no real proof that it was. Big deal. And foodmedrinkme seems to take it all in stride. But her point is well taken: if the foodie blog was the source, attention must be paid. Everyone, after all, needs to eat.


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