That transition team....and Darla's You Tube

Dateline: Fri 09 Nov 2007

In the incestuous world of blogs/politics, there's quite a bit of chatter tonight about Greg Ballard's transition team as he begins his takeover of the Indianapolis mayor's seat.

The biggest surprise, expressed by two very different voices -- Advance Indiana and Taking Down Words -- focuses on attorney Darla Williams heading up the liaison team. Comments on Advance Indiana seem to raise questions about Willians' credentials; Taking Down Words refers to Williams as a fringe blogger. Well, aren't we all? Williams' blog is She started it in 2006, when Eric Dickerson was running as a Republican against Rep. Julia Carson, an unsuccessful bid.

I had the opportunity to meet Darla for the first time a few weeks ago. She talked quite a bit about her enthusiasm for Ballard and her disdain for the selective politics of Mayor Peterson, especially regarding his administration's rewarding of federal MBE/WBE contracts -- the acronym stands for minority business enterprises and women business enterprises.

Tonight I found an interesting You Tube video showing Williams grilling the mayor during a mayoral debate in October at Light of the World Christian Church. Her point is that the mayor has exaggerated the number of contracts handed out by his administration to minorities; she gets him to say they're not nearly the percentage reported in some of his documents (22 percent). Next a man named "Greg" angrily questions Peterson's role in awarding school contracts and says "the system is not working."

Anyhow, that video may explain, in part, how Williams got the job with Ballard's transition team. But on the other hand, her antagonistic relations with Peterson's office indicate she may not be the ideal candidate for this slot. But then again, she says she supported Peterson in 2004. Politics. So many twists.

In the video, made Oct. 30, you can see Winnie Ballard in some of the footage, and yes, that is Minister Ajabu at the moderator's pulpit. The applause at the end indicates Darla Williams and "Greg" scored points with the audience. Maybe if more pundits had seen this -- it has only about 400 hits -- they'd have been less confident of a Peterson victory.

Here is the link:

Here's the rest of the Ballard transition team, from Associated Press:

"* Carl Brizzi, Marion County prosecutor;

* Susan Brooks, former U.S. attorney;

* Bob Grand, managing partner at Barnes and Thornburg law firm;

* Tom John, Marion County GOP chairman;

* Fred Klipsch, chief executive officer of Klipsch Audio Technologies;

* Lisa Kobe, government relations manager for Duke Energy;

* Joe Loftus, a former deputy mayor under Steve Goldsmith and now a partner at Barnes and Thornburg;

* P.E. MacAllister, chairman of the board of MacAllister Machinery;

* State Sen. James Merritt, R-Indianapolis;

* former State Rep. Luke Messer, now a partner at the law firm of Ice Miller;

* Isaac 'Ike' Randolph, retiring City-County Council member;

* Debra Taylor, owner of Creative Performance Specialists and a volunteer on Ballard's campaign;

* Robert Turner, a captain on the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and a former public safety director under Peterson;

* Greg Wilson, a small business owner.

"In addition, Ballard has asked Melissa Proffitt Reese, a partner at Ice Miller, to chair the personnel committee for the transition team, and asked attorney Darla Williams to serve as a liaison between the transition team and Peterson's office."


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