Dems: wise up, Janet Weiss (and relax)

Dateline: Thu 08 Nov 2007

Joh Padgett is a blogger and Democrat activist who has some pretty amusing observations about the election on his blog:

He knows I'm a sucker for original thinkers and humor, so here is some of what he has to say about the election, egg on the face, Greg Ballard, Julia Carson, etc. (I'm just doing excerpts read the entire script visit his blog).

He titled it: "Dr. Strangevote: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Mayor-Elect Ballard"

"I'm not gonna rehash anything you all have not already read at your

favorite local blogs elsewhere,..I would like to offer some advice to my fellow Democrats in Marion County that they probably won't follow but they really ought to do in order to salvage what little credibility they have left with voters in Indianapolis before we spend another 30 or 40 years in the electoral wilderness like we did before Peterson came along.

"- Remain calm...Mayor-elect Greg Ballard really is a good guy. He's one of us fer chrissakes. He's not an 86th Street Republican elitist slumlord or Pike township attorney working his way up the corporate ladder with his eyes on a Zionsville McMansion. He's an Eastsider, Catholic, 1972 graduate from Cathedral High School when it was a Downtown high school that attracted students from all over the city. He then spent 30 + years in the US Marine Corps, and my Dad, anold Navy man, always had the utmost respect for Marines and instilled that in me at a young age.

"- Remember, remember the 6th of November. You have to think of what

really just happened here and focus on the positive aspects. Bart

Peterson, an incumbent conservative DLC type Democrat on a rise to the top of his party, stumbled badly on his way to running for the Senate or Governor. As a progressive/libertarian Democrat I can't say I am too upset by this development. The progressives in Indiana are ascendant around the rest of the state, except where they are suppressed - Indy.

"- Handle your business. Julia must be pushed from the 2008 train...Her folks were nowhere yesterday. The vaunted Carson Machine has thrown a rod and is in need of demolition. That Machine used to print money and turn out armies of voters for Dems in Marion County like clockwork. What with Julia's continued health problems, her council allies drawing way too much negative attention her way, rumored schisms within the Peterson administration and Carson office folks and other minor but related issues it was obvious the Machine was breaking down as early as the day after Election Day last year..."

Joh also urged the Marion Democrats to clean house -- Dem county chair Mike O'Connor and his team lost the race, he notes. "Turnout was abysmal in Democratic precincts because good Democrats stayed home rather than hold their noses to vote for Bart. No effort was made to turn out the base or even reach out to them that I saw."

Joh is one of those guys who devours politics; he's also someone who gets his information from the streets and not the elitist insiders.

From out here in the cornfields, from someone who voted twice for Mayor Peterson, he seems to make many good points.


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