Angela Manfield claiming victory!

Dateline: Thu 08 Nov 2007

From my field correspondent Walfredo Freitas, this breaking news:

"Dear Ruth,

"Angela Mansfield won the elections!!!!"

Here is the email she sent to supporters:

"Hi Everyone, I recently got word that I actually won by about 309 votes. Apparently 2 memory cards were not originally counted. Angie"

The Star is also reporting the story. Mansfield, a Democrat from Council District 2 on the Northside, now becomes the 13th Democrat on the city-county council in Indianapolis, leaving the Rs with 16 seats. She won against Republican Bruce Schumacher,

As a former columnist and reporter at the Star, it's easy to pick which politicians and council members I liked: the ones who returned my phone calls.

Mansfield did, and she always took time to explain complicated situations. Besides, she is also the mother of a Marine, giving her more points. Furthermore, I know her to be responsive to voters: she worked closely with Northside resident Ellen Meagher on zoning issues. Ellen, also a friend, felt so strongly about Mansfield's credentials that she worked hard to get her re-elected. So congrats to Ellen, too.

And while I've not written about it before, it is not too late now: Mansfield was right about introducing an ordinance to halt random gunfire in Marion County. Old buddy Paul Bird, also a former Star reporter and a man's man, called at the time and explained that Mansfield's legislation was smart and needed. But she couldn't convince the council. Public sentiment was against her -- hard to understand, but it was.

She also is an animal-lover and supporter of animal causes. Which is why Walfredo is happy.

And if Walfredo is happy, so am I.


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