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Dateline: Tue 06 Nov 2007

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11/06/2007 04:56 PM

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good luck

I regret to announce that two My Life staffers have decided to move on.

Sherri Pfouts, INtake's editor since July 2005, will be leaving to become a freelance writer and editor. She says the desire to work at home was a motivating factor. Sherri has already lined up contract editing work for several magazines, including Rollerskating Business, Stretching Canvas and International Tattoo Art.

Her last day will be November 30.

Reporter Jim Walker, who has crafted many INtake's most memorable cover and adventure stories as well as arts and other coverage for The Star, has accepted a job with Well Done Marketing. His last day will be Nov. 21.

Please join me in wishing Sherri and Jim well.

Details will follow on plans for newsroom sendoffs.


Congratulations to Pfouts and Walker.

As for the rest of those at the Star, you need new leadership. Dennis Ryerson is killing the newspaper, and we are watching it unravel.

How long before Gannett wakes up and smells the revolution? The Star provides a valuable service to its community, but it is crippled by lousy managers.

Time for a change. RiShawn Biddle is a symptom of the problems.


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