The Marines have landed...

Dateline: Fri 02 Nov 2007

Great line: Marion County Dem chairman Mike O'Connor said, "It's time to rip the lid off that jarhead!" (meaning GOP candidate Greg Ballard, a career field officer with the Marine Corps and a not-so-shabby candidate for mayor).

What sounds good in a bite may not play well in podunk. Now, it seems, the Dems have pissed off many of the veterans in Marion County. Here's the latest from Don Myers, a decorated Marine vet and a powerhouse with Marines and other veterans in the area:

"Mayor Bart Peterson's most recent salvo at opposition candidate Greg Ballard, by saying Ballard doesn't have the professional background to run for mayor because he only served in the United States Marine Corps, speaks volumes of the ethical standard and knowledge of his honor.

"I say that because Peterson has never served his country in uniform that he is the one that does not hold the professional credentials of

leadership. That standard is earned when you are responsbile for the lives of men and women that are in harms way. This is called leadership above and beyond the standard of duty. Peterson obviously doesn't know this.

"Every veteran, man and woman, that ever wore the military uniform, including those currently on active duty and in the Guard and Reserves

forces, is owed an apology by Mayor Peterson. He not only insulted Greg Ballard, he also insulted all Hoosier veterans.

"Donald F. Myers

Colonel, Indiana National Guard Reserve Retired

5401 Yeager Ln., Indianapolis, IN 46237

(317) 786-4649"

This is exactly the kind of red-white-and=blue backlash Peterson's people do not need at this late date. Tuesday will decide the race, but I have to wonder: could the Dems have been more flat-footed? They've got an incumbent with all sorts of strengths to crow about. But the negative campaigning, at the last minute, especially when it is aimed at honorable military service, may blow up in their faces...

Time will tell. Semper fi.

P.S, The Dems have suffered from bad PR strategy in the past --- attacking then-candidate Gov. Mitch Daniels for dealing pot at college also backfired big time. Dems, you need a lighter touch. Mellow out.


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