Night of the Living Republicans...

Dateline: Thu 01 Nov 2007

The Barry Welsh for Congress folks in East Central Indiana's 6th District have not lost, thank God, a sense of humor in their effort to unseat Republian Rep. Mike Pence.

In that spirit, KPaul Mallasch -- another Gannett refugee, now an online editor and publisher of Muncie Free Press -- has joined with the Welsh folks to make a funny Jib Jab vide. It's called "Night of the Living Indiana Republicans" and it "stars" Welsh and Dem candidate for governor Jill Long Thompson.

Bully for them for remembering to have some fun in the heat of the campaign.

Here is the link:

And if you want to know more about Welsh, visit his website or contact

the Welsh campaign communications guru Joh Padgett at (317) 352-5066.


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