Mike the Cat

Dateline: Thu 31 May 2007

You read it here first. Or you didn't read it at all. But it's true -- Mike the Cat is running for mayor.

Now the "Four Legs Good" candidate has his own cartoonist...check out the talented Jerry DeGrotie's work on Mike's very own webpage:


I like this on several levels. Mike is a comapassionate cat; he has the backing of the Indiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who need all the help they can get in Indy. This is, after all, the city of Mayor Bart "I never saw a Pit Bull I liked" Peterson, our "Kill 'em all, let Dennis Ryerson sort it out" leader.

Anyhow, Mike, even tho he is a feline, must oppose Peterson's call to off all pit bulls. Mike is also supportive of other pro-animal causes.

And he has the cartoonist to do him justice. DeGrotie resides in Pennsylvania with his family; he's originally from New York. He's doing good work on behalf of our cat. Thanks to him, and to Mike's people for getting the word out.


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