When fishes flew...or what's in a name?

Dateline: Wed 30 May 2007

Matt Tully offers up a look at Indy's GOP candidate for mayor, Greg Ballard. He's Catholic, a Pike Township resident, a Marine officer, an educator and he doesn't have the dough to go against the Bart Peterson power machine. So this election is probably a wash. Dems rule.

What strikes me, however, is that on the surface Ballard sounds like a traditional Democrat -- a snapper, not an independently wealthy, a working guy with a tough law-and-order campaign.

Whereas Peterson's credentials make him sound hoity toity: son of a very rich developer, a developer himself, no friend to cops, a lawyer, parent of an only child who is graduating from Park Tudor and going to University of Michigan to study, gag me, journalism. Peterson's video violence campaign also has decidedly Republican, conservative rings to it.

Anyhow, 'tis strange...but thanks to Tully for introducing Ballard, and let's not forget that there are still some real old-time Dems in the city structure: Fred Glass and Mike O'Connor, to name two.


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