The Gannett agenda

Dateline: Wed 30 May 2007

Anyone so naive or innocent as to still hold out for across the board quality journalism from Gannett need look no farther than the new name for the once-proud features section of the Indianapolis Star.

They call it My Life/Custon Publications. It's so awful that each time I've heard it, I've repressed it. But when I ask around, there it is again, in all its gruesome glory.

Good newspaper readers can always read between the lines, ant this title says the battle for reporters/copy editors to do advertorial work is still looming, waiting in the wings. No doubt management is hoping that the senior staff will continue to retire/be driven out, and the Guild will consequentally be so weak that no one will object. So we'll have feature stories on an advertiser/builder's own home, and lots of updates about the latest medical advances while running ads for doctor groups. It will be soft, and that demonstrates more erosion of the whole process....

But after all, as Jennifer "Wags" Wagner noted, these are the people who brought you IndyPaws, everything you ever wanted to know/say online about your poochy or pussy. Ugh.


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