Go, Fred!

Dateline: Sun 27 May 2007

Fred McCarthy is an 80-something who started his blog, Indytaxdollars, he told me, after the Star quit printing his letters to the editor.

That was the public's good fortune, because McCarthy is a responsible watchdog of public dollars and freuqently hits the nail on the head -- as he does in his current offering:


He wisely takes note of recent columns in the Star by John Ketzenberger, Matt Tully and Bob Kravitz, all of whom questioned the financial wisdom of Indy holding a Superbowl. Each columnist brought his own perspective to the table, but each raised valid points of concern about the impact, priorities and the financial return.

McCarthy is pleased to see such good reporting and perspective, and he concludes that he wishes "Mr. Editor" would also come around.

That's a problem, because big cheese Dennis Ryerson has taken the party line of the mayor et al when it comes to these issues (and the police). He's not known for his independent thinking and unfortunately is the sort of man who constantly looks for the approval of authority figures, and does so nervously. As my old friend Art Harris says, "the leopard cannot change his spots."

But we should rejoice that three employees of the Star have the reporterial balls to do their job -- that's to be an adovcate for the readers and citizens, not the politicians and hacks.


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